pgModeler 0.9.4-beta1 is ready!
Only one more step to the stable release.

ATTENTION: the database model file structure has changed since the last stable 0.9.3. Models created in older releases will certainly fail to load due to incompatibilities because some attributes in the XML code don't exist anymore or have changed during the development of 0.9.4-beta1. Before loading your database models in this new release, please, make sure to have a backup of them all and follow the steps presented by the model fix tool to patch the documents' structure. Not paying attention to this situation may cause irreversible data loss! If the fix procedures aren't enough to make your database models loadable again, please, ask for help at the official support channels!

This blog post is kinda atypical since I'm used to writing lengthy texts detailing everything that a particular version was bringing. For pgModeler 0.9.4-beta1, its announcement blog will be as short as its changelog! This is because during the development of 0.9.4-beta1 I was more focused on solving bugs than worried about creating new features. So, since no critical issue was reported in this iteration, I decided to make some polishing in preparation of 0.9.4 stable. :D

Anyway, the improvement that is worth mentioning in this release is the experimental support for timescaledb in reverse engineering. So, now pgModeler is capable of generating models from databases that make use of that PostgreSQL extension without major issues, at least for the sample databases I had for testing. For pgModeler 0.9.4, we expect that any problem that eventually appears regarding the importing of timescaledb-based databases can be solved. So, if you make heavy use of that PostgreSQL extension, please, help us test this new improvement by submitting bugs or even sample databases so the import process can be refined.

As I said, this release is focused on improving everything that was made since today, so below we have a small set of changes and bug fixes for 0.9.4-beta1. For the complete list of changes of pgModeler 0.9.4-beta1, please, refer to the file

  • Added extra PostGiS data types to PgSQLType in order to make the importing of databases using this extension more precise.
  • Added the built-in type pg_lsn in order to make databases using timescaledb extension to be imported correctly.
  • Adjusted the catalog query filters in the diff dialog to retrieve system and extension objects according to the checkboxes Import system objects and Import extension objects.
  • Adjusted the reverse engineering in such a way that the table children will follow the SQL disabled state of their parent tables.
  • Allowing the use of commas in enum type labels.
  • Improved the output of model fix operation in the command-line interface.
  • Improved the model validation process in order to set PostGiS extension a default comment when automatically creating it, avoiding false-positive results in diff process.
  • In the widget used to configure PostgreSQL data types, type qualifiers like length, precision, interval, and some others will be disabled for types used in the following objects: parameters, aggregates, transforms, casts, operators.
  • Fixed the catalog query that lists policies in the reverse engineering process.
  • Added a minor workaround in reverse engineering in order to treat the any pseudo-type correctly.
  • Fixed a crash when importing domains with long constraint expressions.
  • Fixed the broken SQL generation for tables with columns/constraints disabled.
  • Fix the name of the checkbox related to updates checking to avoid breaking the building when enabling NO_UPDATE_CHECK via qmake.

That's it for now. In a few days I'll put my hands on pgModeler 0.9.4, which I plan to release before December 20, I hope. So, I'll be waiting for your comments about this release. Please, don't forget to bugs and feature requests at GitHub.

Take care! ;)

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